An Entrepreneur In COVID Times

Laura Notten & Tanja Lindeboom started The Giftmakers a few years ago. With their company they aim to personalize office gifts, whether it’s Christmas presents, Thank you gifts or Welcome to the Office starter packs. The Giftmakers got you covered. In light of recent times they’re now offering gifts to support  and celebrate your employees stuck in their home office.

How are they handling business in these uncertain times?

What measures are you currently taking?

Right now we’re working as much from home as possible and we’ve split our team into pairs (Tanja and I are almost like family, so we work together and two other employees of ours are sisters and they can also work together). Our production (at Paswerk, sheltered workshop) continues to run but with fewer people and at a great distance from each other. And of course all other measures stated by the RIVM.

How do you handle your supply chain?

Everything is still running. Emphasis on still. So we can basically continue. We do notice that orders are canceled (orders for events) and that other orders are postponed (or decision-making is postponed). We make agreements with our suppliers and customers. We have a lot of contact with customers and suppliers. And we try to think of other ways of working.

How do you arrange everything with your staff?

At a distance. With skype. Many calls. But we normally do that too. We see each other a little less, but we are used to working remotely. Everyone does their thing.

What opportunities do you see at the moment?

Companies have a major challenge in keeping in touch with their employees. Everyone works at home and really has more challenges at home than just work. That is quite tough (for companies and for people.) Missing social interaction is big. Not during the first days, but it’s getting bigger. Employees are also unsure about their jobs. We devise and implement fun promotions to keep in touch with your employees. Nice presents, serious messages, we can make and take care of everything. Send mailings/gifts, etc. to home addresses, we can arrange everything.

Positive thought to conclude with:

We are in this together. We strongly believe in togetherness. Everyone wants to help each other. The world can be a little bit softer and this is what this terrible virus will bring. No longer just on your own but together. I think that is really beautiful and necessary. Get rid of greed.

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