At first we wanted and wished it, then we started dreaming about it and the moment we believed in it we made it happen. After many years of individual successful careers and a long lasting friendship we finally decided to launch ∆GENCYNL. We did not only ask ourself what we are good at, but also what would make us happy, what would be fun and fulfilling to do while building a business and where can we make a difference. 

The  lack of finding good gifts in our daily life combined with our personal interests and expertise founded the base of ∆GENCYNL. Making it our goal to offer great, original and impactful gifts for every business and occasion. And doing it in a different way, making it easier. Our clients never have to ask themselves again what to give, we will answer that question for them. We are the giftmakers.

Above all we believe in engagement, attention, style and saying thank you a bit more often.  "Because nobody ever became poor by giving."

Yours Truly, Laura NottenTanja Lindeboom